Soporte Técnico de Casinos en Línea

Online casinos are virtual entities and they don't have a head office you can simply visit and ask questions or complain. Because of this it is very important that they do not act as faceless companies and offer their player access to reliable and responsive customer support.

The customer support can often be referred to as player support and the online casino needs to have clear information on their website about how to their support service. It is an industry standard to offer customer support by phone and email and many online casinos will have toll free numbers for players from the main countries they operate in.

Most of the big online casino offer also live-chat player support that can be accessed 24/7 with live support staff that is there to answer any query players or future players might have.
Testing a casino's customer support responsiveness is a great way of establishing if the casino can be trusted as a casino that cannot even answer its players' questions in a timely fashion, who knows if they can be trusted with your money and gaming fairness.

Here is our list of top online casino rated by their customer support:

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Los 5 Mejores Casinos en Línea

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